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Apprenticeship Information - updated 9/1/2018
This is a booklet in pdf format of all the apprenticeship programs available


Boilermakers Local 60

Specialize in building boilers, water towers, tanks, pressure vessels. Industries covered are nuclear, chemical, petroleum, and industrial. Skills include: welding, rigging, blueprint reading, hand and power tools and working hand in hand with operating engineers. Height work involved.
Contact: Boilermakers Local 60, Darren Lindee, 425 W. Edgewood, Morton, IL 61550, 309-266-7144
Apprenticeship opening dates: Call the hall at 309-266-7144

Bricklayers Local 6

Bricklayers, stone masons, block layers, points, cleaners, caulkers,
tile layers, marble masons, mosaic and terrazzo workers and tile
marble and terrazzo finishers.
Apprenticeship opening dates: All year round

Carpenters & Millwrights

Perform a variety of carpentry jobs and work in variety of industrial, commercial and residential settings. Building everything from homes and factories to dams and bridges, working with a variety of tools, equipment and building materials. Millwrights specialize in machinist or metal work. Their work involves the installation (new construction) and maintenance of machinery in production plants and factories.
Contact: Carpenters JATC Program, Rob Swegle, 910 Brenkman Drive, Pekin, Illinois 61554, 309-353-4232
Apprenticeship Opening Dates: All year round

Electricians Local 34

Electricians perform electrical work wherever electrical energy is generated, transmitted, distributed and used.
Contact: National Electrical Contractors Association, 707 NE Jefferson, Peoria, Illinois 61603, 309-673-6900
Apprenticeship Opening Dates: Call for more information

Elevator Constructors Local 55

Specialize in the installation, maintenance and repair of elevators.
Skills include: electrical, mechanical, height work and computer
Contact: Elevator Constructors Local 55, Rod Gilles, 400 NE
Jefferson, Peoria, IL 61603, 309-671-5085
Apprenticeship Opening Dates: Call for more information

Glaziers Local 1164

Glaziers specialize in installation of aluminum doors, and store front materials and installation of all types of glass and mirrors.
Contact: Painters & Glaziers, 400 NE Jefferson, Peoria, Illinois 61603, 309-674-3870
Apprenticeship opening dates: All year round

Heat and Frost Insulators Local 17

Apply and install insulation to various mechanical systems. Hazardous waste removal is part of the trade and state licensing
for asbestos removal is required for the apprentice.
Contact: Heat & Frost Insulators Local 17, Robert McGuckin, 18520 Spring Creek Dr., Tinley Park, IL 60477 773-247-8184
Apprenticeship Opening Dates: Call for more information

Iron Workers Local 112

Erection of structural steel, machinery moving and installation and concrete reinforcing.
Contact: Iron Workers Local 112, Jason Emerick, 3003 N Main, East Peoria, Illinois 61611, 309-699-6489
Apprenticeship Openings: visit for more information


Covers many facets of the construction industry, for example: demolition, mason tending, environmental remediation, concrete work, scaffold building, site preparation, road work, landscaping, pipe, tunnel and sewer work and underground work.
Contact: Laborers JATC,  RR 3, Mt. Sterling, Illinois 62353, 217-773-2741
Apprenticeship Opening Dates: Call for more information

Operating Engineers Local 649

Operate and repair heavy equipment on construction
Contact: Operating Engineers Local 649, Mike High,
6408 W. Plank Road, Peoria, Illinois 61604, 309-697-1357
Apprentice opening dates: Call the apprenticeship school at 697-1357

Painters and Allied Trades Local 157/DC 30

All painting of residences, building structures, industrial plants, smoke stacks, vats, pipes, vessels, bridges, light poles, towers, high tension and airline strips. all coach, car automobile, truck, trailers, aircraft, etc. All preparatory work involved prior to application of finishes. All decorating, paperhanging, hard wood finishing, graining, glazing, varnishing, enameling and gliding, epoxy coatings and technical coating. The application of all simulated acoustic textures. The application of all insulated materials.
Contact: Painters DC 30, Steve Lefaver, 1905 Sequoia Dr. #101, Aurora, IL 60506 630-966-1451.
Apprenticeship opening dates: All year round

Plasterers & Cement Masons Local 18

Cement masons frame, pour, place and finish concrete on building, roads, curbs and gutters and patch all concrete. Plasterers apply plaster to interior walls and also do exterior stucco, sprayed fireproofing, exterior insulated plaster and many types of ornamental plastering. Plasterers work in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential construction
Contact: Plasterers & Cement Mason Local 18, 400 NE Jefferson, Peoria, Illinois 61603, 309-497-2870
Apprenticeship opening dates: Call for more information

Roofers Local 69

Roofing commercial and residential buildings
Contact: Roofers Local 69, Steve Peterson, 3917 SW Adams, Peoria, Illinois 61603, 309-673-8033
Apprenticeship opening dates: All year round, Monday, Wednesday, or Friday 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Sheet Metal Workers Local 1

Trade covers primarily heating, ventilating and air conditioning in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.
Contact: Sheet Metal Workers Local 1, Carl Grubb, 840 W  Birchwood, Morton, IL 61550, 309-682-3141
Apprenticeship opening dates: April and October of each year

The United Association
(Plumbers, Steamfitters and Sprinklerfitters)

Plumbers Local 63

All repair, remodel and new installation of all piping and accessories related to the plumbing and pipefitting industry which is defined in the scope of work within the United Association. The type of contracts include plumbing, utility maintenance, oil service maintenance, watermain and sewer installation, lawn irrigation, public housing maintenance, education and institution maintenance.
Contact: Plumbers Local 63, 116 Harvey Ct. East Peoria, Illinois 61604, 309-699-3570
Apprenticeship opening dates: Every two years

Steamfitters Local 353

Steamfitters lay out of work by using building plans and specifications for the construction and installation of piping systems, supports, pre-fabricated items, assembly of equipment and appurtenances (both new and existing) and maintenance of these systems and equipment. Systems include steam, condensate, water, drain lines, air gas, chemical, hydraulic, lubrication, heating, refrigeration, fiber optics, and process piping systems. Steamfitters work may be found in industrial plans, chemical plants, power plants, treatment plants and other commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings.
Contact: Steamfitters Local 353, Pat Fahey, 6403 W. Development Drive, Peoria, Illinois 61604, 309-633-1353
Apprenticeship opening dates: Call for more information

Sprinklerfitters Local 669

Principally the installation of fire protection systems. This includes underground supply piping which is connected to an integrated overhead piping system for the suppression of fire. Construction projects will range from residential to nuclear power plants. Except for underground supply piping, most sprinkler piping is installed at or near the roof deck. Most of the installation is performed while working on ladders, scaffolds or manlifts.
Contact: Sprinklerfitters Local 669, Box 158, Normal, Illinois 61561, 309-452-0311.
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